hi, hello.

ok. my overarching goals for this year are:
– health
– garden
– friends

the first thing i need to do for my health is QUIT THE GYM! i pay a ridiculous amount of money every week, and i can count on one hand the amount of times i have gone to the gym in the last year. actually, i can count on three fingers. i own two dogs! i live in a beautiful neighbourhood! i HATE gyms! what a dumb idea joining the gym was! so that’s number one on my priority list.

i want to learn to garden. i’ve been trying for a couple of months now, and i’m pretty terrible at it, but i’m learning! with every dead plant i need to dig up, i can at least say that i’ve learnt something. i will not let my black thumb defeat me. i will have some semblance of a garden bed by the end of the year!

finally, and most importantly, i need to be a better friend. that sounds so lame, doesn’t it? i keep telling myself that melbourne is SO far away and SO expensive to get to, but i need to suck it up and make about a billion times more effort to go and visit my besties that live there. so! booking a melbourme trip is high on my priority list for this year.

so. a baby list of big things. lets see how this goes.